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Tandem is a leading industrial design firm in Los Angeles California area with the focus on creating memorable product experiences with a proven product development process. From consumer electronics and recreational goods, to industrial products and medical devices, our goal is to help our clients create the most successful products for their markets and enhance their company's brands. Our design solution is the result of combining California life style with cutting edge technology. Our talented team provides industrial design and UI design service to Los Angeles, as well as the rest of the world.


Tandem's latest design for Los Angeles start-up SOMABAR won the 2016 CES Best of Innovations Awards . It's the final category winner for the appliance category in the largest consumer electronics show in the world.


New and Notable



EZ Charger

HP AIO Concept


BT Speaker


Pioneer iPhone Speaker


Solar LED Lamp


TCL Mini Projector


Fellow Robots



InFocus Video Phone


Gateway ZX6900 All in One Computer

The Gateway ZX6900 All in One computer was the best selling AIO computer in the US market in 2010. It was available in both 21" and 23" sizes, with over 1 million units sold. The slender appearance was the result of effort of internal placement optimization. The classy and sophisticated form fits well with modern day home decor. The clear feet further accentuates the light weight presence of the product.



Tandem Mocha AIO PCrea 2


The connected entertainment experience for the home. It utilizes a 21:9 aspect ratio ultra wide screen, provides a personalized entertainment experience for the home. The kickstand minimized the footprint, allowing the user to put the device anywhere in the house.


Tandem ID Keyea 2

My IDKey

Voice activated web access authentication device. The device is small enough to be attached to the key chain and communicating the user by voice commands.

The ID key won 3 CES 2013 Design and Engineering Show Case Awards.



Tandem VIZIO CoStarge area 2

VIZIO Google TV CoStar

Streaming Box with Google TV technology. The small foot print allows the user to put the device anywhere near the TV. The distinctive shape fits well with the home decor and serves as a conversation starter at the same time.



Tandem Design Patient Monitora 2

Patient Monitor

Patient Monitor - Utilizing the latest computing and display technology, this patient monitor gives the doctors the maximum mobility, portability and easy access of information.



Tandem Design Water Kettleea 2

Electric Water Kettle




Tandem Design Gateway Notebookge area 2

Gateway M Series Notebook




Tandem Design Video Conference Phonerea 2

Video Conference Phone




Tandem Design VIZIO Audio

VIZIO Audio Remote

The simplified layout emphasize on the main functions that the users mostly interact with. It breaks the mold of the cluttered look of the conventional remote control designs by hiding the less commonly used functional keys on a slider.



imagearea 2

InFocus MondoPad




Samsung Smart Phonee area 2

Samsung Smart Phone

The sliding phone can be used in two modes: compact touch screen mode and the sliding mode with qwerty keyboard. It is compact to fit in any shirt pocket and still accommodates a large keyboard for quick typing.



Tandem Design Gateway XHD3000ge area 2

Gateway XHD3000 Monitor

Introduced in 2007, the 30inch Gateway XHD3000 monitor was the flag ship of the Gateway monitor line up. The integrated stand provides rotation on both X and Z axis for optimized viewing angle for the most demanding users. Just as impressive as the 1600 vertical line resolution, the ID gives it a precision look that's ahead of its time and ahead of the game.


Tandem Design SoundStation

Aura SoundStation







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