Infocus Video Phone

The InFocus MVP100 (My Video Phone) consolidates and creates more productive business interactions by incorporating the standard desk phone with a high-end video calling system.



The HD display and video camera are tilt-adjustable, allowing for customizable placement and orientation options.



We were able to create an all-in-one solution that is designed for mass deployment and management, lessening the cost and IT burden. The look is sleek and elegant, yet distinctive, enforcing InFocus’ unique brand image. With ergonomics in mind, the body of the device as well as the phone itself are curved.



This creates both a streamlined interaction, as well as a high-end and sophisticated visual appeal. The high-end industrial design sets it apart from the mundane office phones. It is a stunning beauty that you can live with at a daily basis. It brings science fiction into reality. The simple yet distinctive form makes it a powerful design statement. It embraces the trustworthy, high performance brand image with a truly high-end look and feel.