Packaging Design

Written by Thursday, 17 January 2013 16:40

The layer between the product and the user to convey a brand’s story


Written by Thursday, 17 January 2013 16:36

Visual Identity

Mechanical Engineering

God is in the details. We take pride in our painstaking mechanical engineering following our cutting edge industrial design.

Design Language Development

Your products is the face of your brand. We can implement the best family DNA so they will all turn heads.

User Interface Design

Tandem can come up with GUI design solution that compliments the hardware.

Industrial Design

Creates emotional connection between the consumer and the products.

CES Best of Innovation Final Award Winner for the SOMABAR COCKTAIL BARTENDER

Tandem moved its location from Newport Beach, Orange County to the trend setting Santa Monica, Los Angeles.

Tandem Product Design was founded in 2009 by former Gateway lead industrial designer Michael Hong. Tandem's 1st client was VIZIO, now the No.1 TV brand in the US. 

Tandem's team is made of design researchers, industrial designers, senior mechanical engineers, EE supporting team and marketing specialists.