Tandem teamed up with Fellow Robots, a Silicon Valley start up, to create a pioneering Telepresence Robot to enhance the lives of all customers and consumers.

with distinctive products

and engineering development in one place

Why tandem


Tandem identifies product opportunities by beginning with a deep curiosity of the latent needs, behaviors and desires that impact people’s everyday lives. It combine this with an understanding of social, cultural, technological and design trends and the business realities of our clients to envision and design compelling product experiences.

Tandem's design solutions create emotional connections between the consumers, the products and the brands through the power of exceptional design. 3 of Tandem's designs has been sold over 1000,000 units each in Audio, TV and PC category for its US clients.

Tandem's design process starts with the understanding of the market and user needs. It develops the design language best represent the brand and further strengthen the brand.

Industrial design encompasses the process of design applied to products that will be manufactured for use. We believe in designing concepts that optimize the function, value, and appearance of products for the mutual benefit of both the user and brands. Here at Tandem we prepare innovative design concepts through research, ideation, refinement, and 3D data ready for implementation. We factor in brand image, market research, consumer demand, and cultural trends in our customer-centric design process.

Our team foresees trends in the marketplace to create the most stylish, contemporary, and alluring products for consumer use.